Boat Classifications

M-Series Boards – Entry Fee: $20.00

M is for Muskrat! Noted for the way they glide through the water – they are naturally designed for grace, stability, and speed.

M-Series Boats are designed, built and decorated well ahead of race day. They are propelled by oars, kayak oars, or paddles. These propulsion tools, as well as decorations, may be constructed from materials other than cardboard. All other parts of the boat must be corrugated cardboard.

Construction Regulations:

  • Any thickness of corrugated cardboard is permitted, but waxed cardboard carpet tubes and barrels are not allowed.
  • Only paper tape may be used. Tape may only be used on seams, joints or pathes. DO NOT WRAP THE HULL IN TAPE, PLASTIC, SHRINK WRAP OR ANY OTHER MATERIAL.
  • Caulking may be used, but only on seams and edges
  • A one-part latex enamel and/or latex polyurethane varnish or water sealant is permitted. Do not use tar based substances, epoxy glue, duct tape, fiberglass resin or any two-part substances. Applied paint must be allowed to dry for at least 48 hours prior to launching.
  • Styrofoam or any other flotation-type foam is a major “no-no”. Violators will be branded “Dirty Muskrats” and stripped of any trophies.
  • No restriction is placed on decorative materials, as long as they do not aid in the flotation or propulsion of the boat and do not create a fire or safety hazard.

X-Series Boats – Entry Fee: $20.00

X is for X-STREAM! The X-Series Boat Race is guaranteed to be one of the Musical Muskrat Festival’s most popular events for both participants and spectators. It is open to contestants 10 years of age and over who don’t mind getting a bit wet while having a whole lot of fun.

Working in teams of 2, each team has 2 hours to build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape. We supply all the materials. The contestants supply the ideas and “boatbuilding” skills.

These boats must be capable of carrying two paddlers in a race to the finish, or maybe not. Teams are rewarded for creativity, spirit and of course, speed, so it will make for a fun and lively event.

Watch the boats being built, then head to the Mighty Maitland and see how they do on the water.

The Details:

  1. Boats in this class will be built on-site at rivers edge the day of the event. Basic boat building supplies will be provided (3 pieces of double ply cardboard, 3 rolls of duct tape, box cutter, a pencil and yard stick).
  2. Participants have 2 hours to build their Minnow boat with the supplies provided to them.
  3. X-Series boats must abide be all M-Series Race and Safety Rules.
  4. Youth entries in this division must have an adult supervisor present at registration and throughout the event.
  5. Two competitors must be in the boat around the course.
  6. Only supplied materials (cardboard and duct tape) can be used to construct the boat.
  7. Contestants may use their own paddles or those supplied by the Festival for propulsion.
  8. Approved PFD’s and shoes must be worn by all competitors in the boat.
  9. There is a $20 non-refundable registration fee per team.